Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Engagement Picture Prop Reveal!

So remember when I teased all of you with a little tiny sneak peak to a prop that I made for our engagement pictures?!  Well the wait is over!!!  Well kind of...I'll show you the finished product, but you'll have to wait to see our engagement pictures.

I created a Save The Date Tile for our pictures, and it turned out pretty cute!!  I used my Cricut, Cricut Design Studio, cream colored tile from Home Depot and some Navy and Pink Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl .  Here is how I did it...

Using my CDS I typed it all out just how I wanted it to look, then I took away the text leaving just the border.  I cut out the border using Navy vinyl, and set that aside.  Back on CDS, I clicked "undo" to bring the text back, and then deleted the border.  I cut out the text using Pink vinyl.  Then  I took some transfer tape and stuck the border where I wanted it, and then I placed it on top of the Pink vinyl so the letters would stick where I wanted them to stick.

layout on CDS

transferring to transfer tape.

On transfer tape, sticky side

So the transfer tape now had the border and text stuck on it, and then I lined it up just right on the tile.  I carefully placed the transfer tape on the tile, sticky side down, and pressed down.  I used my little "rubbing" tool and rubbed everything on, just to make sure it would stick. 

Rubbing it on the tile
Then I carefully peeled back the transfer tape, rubbing if I needed to, until everything was stuck onto the tile.  Then I removed the remaining vinyl that was left behind.

peel back
And was finished and ready for pictures.
Finished product!
After making it I realized the pink wasn't dark enough for our colors, so I asked our photographers if they could edit the color to be fuchsia.  Well they did and it looks fab!!!  But you'll have to wait until I get the CD before I will show you our pics. ;)

What do you think?!  I seriously love it, and think it was a great prop for our pictures!

**UPDATE** - to see the prop "in action", check out our Engagement Pictures!

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