Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Maycee Ellen

This past weekend I finally met Ms. Maycee Ellen, and let me just tell you she is a doll!!  She is about 3 weeks old, and still pretty tiny, but growing!  Maycee Ellen was born 7/26/11 at 9:46am, she weighed 6lbs 12.8 ounces and was 18.5 inches long.  She has the prettiest blue eyes and blonde hair!

Shortly after Maycee Ellen was born!
She looks so much like her daddy!
Here are some pictures from their professional photo shoot at the hospital...

So peaceful!

One of my favs, such a doll!  That is one of the dresses I got her!

Love her!
Such a big yawn!

One of my other fav's, she's adorable!

Gotta love those K-State socks, and her tiny tootsies!

I got to spend a few hours with her Friday night.  Poor little girl has acid reflux, so she was a little fussy while I was there and couldn't go to sleep.  But it didn't matter, I just loved being around her!!  For as tiny as she is, she has some long hands and feet, and she has "rolls" even though she's small!  Everything about her is cute...she even makes a funny pirate face!

So precious!

Had to change into her pj's!
Maycee & Mommy!
love her to pieces!

There is her silly pirate face!!

That's all for now...I hope to see her and Danielle again soon!!