Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our 4th & Laundry!

It's Thursday and I'm just now writing "Hope you had an awesome 4th!!" blog post.  No, but seriously, I hope you all had a great one!  Ours was awesome, but I didn't capture any pictures.  =( 

Friday my Mom came into town; we went out for supper and beers with some friends, it was a lot of fun!  Saturday I realized that our washer & dryer were almost capootz, and we should probably go see if there were any fabulous deals going on for the 4th.  I'm so glad we did, because we got an awesome steal from Sears!!  They had a "Hot Buy" for the weekend, washer and dryer were marked down to $699 each!  That price was already 40% off of the original price, plus we got an additional 5% off our total if we used our Sears Card (which also lead us to 0% interest for 6 months)...SCORE!  But the steal didn't stop there...D was looking online at the store and realized that online had a promotion going on for when you purchase the washer & dryer at the same time, they'll take even more off of the washer.  So online the washer was marked down to like $429 (in that price range anyways).  The store manager didn't really like the idea of giving us that deal in the store, so we were about to purchase our set online.  We wanted to put it on our new Sears Credit Card, but needed the info...the call center wouldn't give us the expiration date or the code on the back.  There is a really good reason behind that...they didn't want us to think they would just give our info out to anyone that called in.  So, yes, thank you Sears Credit Card company for protecting us.  But we were back at square one.  We were getting a little discouraged, and I think the salesperson was too.  The store manager was looking online to see what promo we were talking about...he finally saw it with his own eyes.  I kept asking (mainly just for fun!) "are you sure you can't give us that deal?!", until he finally broke down.  The deal steal was ours!!!  OMG...we couldn't believe it...he actually gave into us!!  We practically got the washer for free when you look at the original price!  Now that's what I call WINNING!!!  Moral of the doesn't hurt to keep asking for something you may/may not get!

Kenmore Elite Top Load Washer and Electric Dryer

We went last night to pick it up and I can't wait to get our old set out, and to hook up our new set!  We aren't going to know what to do with will actually be really quiet in our house when we're doing laundry!  And no more washer scooting across the room!!

Back to our weekend...Saturday night on our way back we stopped at the Casino for supper with family and friends, and to do a little gambling.  We didn't do very good, but I didn't put that much money in either.  I'm not a huge gambler, so like in an hour or so I'm finished!  Sunday, Mom and I got our food together for the pool party, potted a new hibiscus plant for our porch, watched a movie, and finally went to the pool.  D worked on their new water truck for the fire department all day, and joined us for a little bit before having to leave to go work the fire show.  The pool was a blast, and the firework show was ok.  Monday, we didn't do a whole lot, mainly rested up from the long weekend.  D got called out on 2 fires Monday afternoon, thankfully they were the only ones the whole weekend.

Did you guys do anything fun over the 4th?