Friday, July 1, 2011

A little {Patriotic} Touch

I finally got around getting the few 4th of July decorations out that I have.  I try to keep the seasonal decorating to a minimum, because 1 I don't have a whole lot of space to decorate, and 2 I need to work on my seasonal decor stash!  Here is what I came up with...

Flag Tile - new fav project!

Lovin' the Stars!

Flag tea light candle holder and cute little birdy!

Found this at a garage sale for a buck!
I've had that picture frame foreva (thanks Ashley & Brett!)!
Those red roses are from my Grandparents 60th Anniversary a couple years ago

I love them and the bling!
another cute little birdie!!

I had some of the stuff already: white bottle with flowers, 2 birds, books, bundle of roses, and picture frame.  I found the star candle holder (yes, it holds a tea light) at a garage sale for $1, and made the Flag Tile (probably spent close to $5 on the materials).  It's not a whole lot, but I love it!

Have any fun plans for the 4th?!  I'm looking forward to the long weekend, it doesn't happen near enough!  My Mom is coming into town tonight, gonna do whatever we feel like tomorrow, pool Sunday and fireworks, and not sure on Monday (might get to see Danielle and Maycee...yes Maycee has joined the rest of the world and she is a doll!  I'll do a post on her next week!!)!!  D has to work the firework show Sunday, and they are anticipating a busy weekend for fires (heat, wind, dryness, and firecrackers) please say a prayer for all firefighters and rescue teams this weekend!!  Hope you all have a safe and fabulous weekend!!

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