Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden update

We finally have something producing in our garden!!  FINALLY!  Our Zucchini plant has been flowering for about a week now, and yesterday we found a small Zucchini growing on it!  It wasn't ready to pick this morning, so hopefully it will be ready tomorrow.  You have to watch those things, they like to grow into monsters over night if you're not careful!  Zucchini is seriously one of my favorites, and I hope this plant produces millions!  Ok, maybe not millions, because I wouldn't be able to keep up with it, but I would like it to produce a lot!  I like it grilled, sauteed, and LOVE Zucchini Bread!  I have a few new recipes I'd like to try, so if we get some good ones, I'll be sure to share.

Moving on to the rest of our's been kind of a rough and slow start for our poor vegetable friends.  Not even 3 days after we planted everything, we got a terrible hail storm (we're talking like baseball-softball size hail).  I'm sure you can imagine the damage it did to houses and vehicles, but it beat up our poor little plants pretty good.  We completely lost the Cucumber plants, so I ended up having to plant those by seed probably about a month ago.  Some of them are still hanging on, but won't be ready to produce for awhile...long road for them.  The Carrots and Radishes never came up...the rain may of washed them away when we got that nasty storm.  I ended up replanting the Carrots, but I'm not sure anything has happened (can't tell if they are weeds or Carrots yet!).  The Zucchini (as you know from above) and Watermelon are rockstars right now!  Soon we should have little Watermelon's popping up.  The Okra is doing great...the big ones are the originals I planted, and the smaller ones are ones I planted about a month ago.  I can't wait for those to start producing.  We planted 2 more Tomato plants, 1 more Jalapeno plant, and a Red Pepper plant.

Here is our got a late start, but I think we'll get some goodies out of it!

2 of the original Tomato Plants I planted
1 original Tomato plant, and 2 newer plants

Mighty Okra!

3 Jalapeno plants, and 1 Red Pepper plant

Well we're off for the weekend...going to surprise a dear friend of mine, who's boyfriend of 8 years or so, is FINALLY GOING TO POP THE QUESTION!!  I'm so very excited for her!!  She hasn't a clue we are coming into town, but he asked us to be there to celebrate with her (how awesome and sweet is he?!)!!  In addition to that, I think we're going to test drive some cars for me, do a little shopping, and catch up with some other friends we haven't seen in awhile.  I hope to have lots of pictures to share!!  Have a good one, ya'll!!  :)

PS - Next week I'll also have a recipe for Nekked Chicken Tenders!! ;)