Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Washboard & Chair find

As you all know, this past Saturday was my 25th birthday!  I know it's not "old", but it's a big milestone for me! 

Friday evening after we got home from our friends house, D just had to give me my birthday gift.  He got me a newer smart phone, HTC Incredible, which I wasn't expecting at all but I'm excited for it.  He also got me a couple of good smelling candles.  Saturday I woke up, D made me pancakes for breakfast (isn't he sweet?!), and then I decided to go downtown to the local antique store.  In the 1.25 years that we've lived here, I haven't been able to go in there.  They have really odd hours, so I never works out.  Saturday morning I had the chance, and I took it.  They had a lot of stuff, but only 1 thing caught my antique Washboard!  I've been wanting one forever, but most of the time they are way too expensive.  This one was only $8.50, which sat right next to one that was $15.50 (Happy Birthday to Me!).  I just had to get it! 

The chair is something I really wanted to get at Re-Store 2 weekends ago when Ash and I went.  However, I decided not to get it.  All last week I wished I would've got it; well because she is awesome, Ashley got it for me for my birthday!!  It was only $10, and I can already vision how I want to redo it!!  So hopefully I won't wait so long to spruce these 2 pieces up. 

It's funny, today I found a picture of an old washboard sitting with an older it!  I took my picture before seeing this, coincidence?!  The reverse side of my washboard is identical to the one below.

Saturday evening we had family and friends come over to celebrate, it was such a fun evening!!  Went out for Pizza, had cupcakes and ice cream, had a few beers, and then late that night we went to the bar to watch and dance to the band that is playing at our wedding.  They were awesome as usual!!  All in all it was a fabulous birthday!!