Thursday, July 21, 2011

Re-Store Finds!

Saturday on my way back home, me and the bestie {Ashley} stopped at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in a town nearby (click here to find one near you).  I've seen all over bloggy land what people are finding at these stores, and it finally occurred to me that we had one nearby.  We.must.go.there.asap. is what I told her!  So off we went to look for whatever popped out at us, stuff we could redo and make fun projects out of. 

I ended up getting a couple of cabinet door frames ($1 each), 1 old shutter ($4 and it's totally awesome), and 1 little random piece of wood that looks like it was made out of board and batten or some type of paneling ($.50).  I spent a total of $6.50.  I have tons of idea's that I've seen around bloggy land, just needs to be thought out and put into action!!

D asked "What the heck did you buy this stuff for?!"
Little does he know whatever I do with them will be awesome!
It was so ridiculously HOT that day while we were shopping; it seemed that every store we went into we would break out in a sweat.  Their A/C's must not have been working.  On my way out of town I took at picture of the temp in my car...and it had been moving for awhile.  It's been scorching hot here in western KS, I'm starting to feel like we're in Arizona.  We've been having this heat for probably close to 1.5 months now.

Seems like there is no end in sight for this heat wave either... :(
To all of you that are experiencing hot weather, try to stay cool and drinks lots of water!!