Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

Last week I attempted to put up our Christmas Tree, as you remember I couldn't find one of the legs or the actual tree stand itself.  I was determined to find it, tearing the house apart, but I never did find it.  So Saturday I ended up buying a replacement stand at Walmart.  When we got home Sunday night, I wanted to see if it would work.  It fit, but it was loose around the edges.  So I decided to rip up some cardboard to fill around the stand.  That worked pretty good, actually!  Here is the tree before putting the decorations on it (it's a pre-lit tree)...

I didn't have our regular camera, so I had to
take the picture with my phone.
Then came the decorations!  It had been a couple of years since I've seen any of the decorations that I had forgot about some of them.  I was so excited to get it all decorated!  However, Bernie kept looking at the ornaments so I made him promise me he would be a good boy and not eat any of them!!  LOL!  Here it is with the garland, ornaments, and angel topper (the angel came from my great grandma, so it means a lot to me to put it on the tree!)...

Again, terrible picture, but in person
the tree looks really pretty!
After getting the Christmas Tree finished, Bernie looked like he wanted to participate in the Christmas spirit!  So I got out his "Ugly Christmas Sweater" and put it on him.  Oh and he's so cute, thinking about putting this on a Christmas Card!  Here is his little photo shoot!

Rockin' this Ugly Christmas Sweater for all my gf's!
Didn't you say I get a treat for this?!

I'm so over this photo shoot!

Please note: he doesn't have a problem with the clothes, but he has something against camera's!!

As I get the rest of the house decorated, I will try and take some better pictures of our tree!  I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit now!!!  Now if I could start wrapping all of those presents that would be fabulous!