Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wrapped Christmas Books!

I have been decorating for Christmas, and on our bookshelf I have 4 books stacked with a picture frame on it.  However, I the books didn't really match the Christmas spirit, so I had to think of a way to either find something else to put there, or cover them.  I decided to save a little money, and just re-cover the books for Christmas!  I've seen other bloggers do this with wrapping paper and scrapbook paper, but I didn't have any of those (well that I liked for this), so I used some cheap tissue Christmas colors of course!  It was really easy and took me a matter of 10 minutes to do all 4 books.  I really like how it turned out...

Supplies: Tissue paper, books, scissors, and tape.
Step 1: Put book on a couple pieces of tissue paper
and measure out how much you'll need.

Step 2: Cut off the amount needed to cover the book.
You'll want enough to tape the edges of the tissue paper on the inside of the book.
Step 3: Fold and tape the tissue paper edges into the inside of the book.
Step 4: If there is excess around the edges, trim it off.
And you're done!
Repeat Steps 1-4 for your remaining books!
(I know you can see the picture coming through, but the books will be stacked!)
All 4 books stacked and done!
(The white one says "Christmas Wishes", which I covered it with the green plaid first
so the book cover wouldn't show through since it's on the top.)
Here is a closeup of them stacked on the bookshelf.
Stacked on the bookshelf with the picture setting on top!
 Oh and it cost me close to nothing to do this.  I had everything already, including the tissue paper which I happened to purchase last year after Christmas.  So we're talking pennies, maybe $.10!

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