Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafty Recipe Binder

You've heard me mention a project I was working on before Christmas, and it was for my brothers girlfriend Ashley.  I made her a Recipe Binder, and it actually turned out pretty neat!  I can't wait to make myself one, but I will probably wait awhile before doing so.

I didn't take pictures while putting everything together, but I did take some after shots (well Ashley took them for me and sent them to me).  I found some inspiration here and here.  If Ashley is anything like me (which we are WAY too much alike, it's scary) then she has tons of random recipes that she's printed off from various blogs and internet sites that are flying around her kitchen.  When I asked her for her Christmas list she mentioned she wanted a binder to hold all of her randoms in...I knew exactly what I wanted to do!  Off to Hobby Lobby (a few times actually), then to the grinding stone I went, working until I got it done (the night before Christmas Eve)!

Love it!
 Some things you'll need:
  • 3 Ring Binder (I used 2")
  • Page Protectors
  • Your choice of 8.5x11" Scrapbook Paper for the different categories (6-12 sheets, 12 if you want a design on the backside and want to cover up the bar code on the back)
  • Your choice of 12x12 Card stock Scrapbook Paper (I had 2 matching used for the front and back, and one solid to fill in the side/spine of the binder)
  • Fun Scrapbook Embellishments (to go with your "theme" - cooking, kitchen, etc...)
  • Card stock Pad (assorted colors to match your color scheme...I used the kind that were sticky on the back and didn't have to worry about getting glue everywhere)
  • Scissors (Regular and Fun!)
  • Recipes to fill it (if it's for a gift, put 1 recipe that goes along with each's a nice surprise!)
  • And whatever else your little heart desires (like making a scrapbook)!
    Front of the Binder
    (sticker says "Creating Traditions in the Kitchen")
    Appetizers & Beverages section
    (great section for party recipes: finger foods, spiked/regular punch, etc...)
    Soups & Salads section
    (great for any kind of fruit/lettuce salads, and any yummy soups,
    like this Chicken Taco Soup!)
    Veggies & Sides
    (great for any cooked veggies and any other sides)
    Main Dish secion
    (sticker says "Cooking as easy as 1..2..3)
    (great for all of your main course meals, including crock pot meals like
    this Hearty Round Steak Casserole!)
    Rolls & Bread secion
    (great for any homemade rolls and bread,
    like these yummy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins)
    Dessert secion
    (saved the best for last!! put any and all of your sweet treat recipes here,
    like these Peanut Butter Bars)
In the inside of the Binder, I created a Velcro Recipe holder for her random recipe cards that people have given her.  I found this idea here over at The Girl Creative (love her stuff, check it out!).

After I finished it all up, I had some other things to go with it and put it in a basket, and put a pretty bow on it.  She.Loved.It.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

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