Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm still here!!!

So last week I was saying how I haven't posted very much here lately, and here I am again no posting all week long!  I'll be honest, life has been a little crazy around here and we haven't been able to relax very much lately (did you see the yummy Chicken Taco soup I blogged about too last week?!).  Anyways here is a wrap up of the fun things that have been going on since last week...

Last week was Thanksgiving...Wednesday we got on the road and headed to the Big City (yes, we go there a lot, don't remind me!!).  Wednesday night we stayed with our really good friends in their new house, we went out for a few hours and had a blast!  D's grandma lives there so we spent Thanksgiving with her.  We didn't have a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner though, we did something a little different!  We went out to eat at the casino, but were too tired to do any gambling!  That night we went over to her house, had some soup and homemade cherry pie (which was so delish!), and looked at the ads for Black Friday!  As I mention Black Friday, yes I am typically one of those crazy ladies who get up at like 3am and hit up the good deals.  However, since we didn't spend Thanksgiving with my family, we didn't do that.  Instead me and D's mom went out at like 8am and purchased a few of the good deals, and then headed to the mall.  The mall was a zoooooo!!  I don't get it though, because most of the stores didn't have any "special/hot" deals, besides JC Penney and they didn't have any long lines...but everywhere else, we said forget it and kept going!  Friday afternoon we headed up to Iowa to see D's other grandma.  We didn't do much Friday, we were all so tired by the time we got there.  Saturday we went shopping for a little bit, had Thanksgiving lunch, and then took naps!  Saturday night, D and I, and his little brother went back to the mall and walked around, and then had supper at PF Changs!  I love PF Changs, it was awesome!  Sunday morning it was time for us to head back home...which happened to be one of the longest.days.ever.  We didn't get home until like 9:30 that night, and it shouldn't have taken so long but we ran into some snags along the way.

Yes I was very thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with D's family that we don't get to see that often, but I was also thankful to be at home and able to sleep in my own bed!  D was sick before we left, and then I ended up catching it Sunday on our way home.  I have been miserable all week long, and so ready for this stuff to be gone! 

Other than being sick, I did manage to drag out our Christmas decor Wednesday night.  I took all of my fall stuff down and started to put up our Christmas stuff.  The bookshelf where I had some fall decor looks neat, now I just want to put up some garland to dress it up a little.  And I'm thinking the basket that I put the fall floral piece in, I want to put Christmas Ornament Balls and some of the gold glittery twigs throughout.  Oh and last night I went to put up our Christmas Tree (note its been 2 years since I've gotten this bad boy out) and I was missing a tree stand leg thing.  So I looked everywhere for it, and I couldn't find it.  I know I've seen it since we moved and unpacked, and I'm pretty sure I left it out somewhere because I knew I would need it...well I didn't have any luck finding it.  Then I thought I could go ahead and put it up without the 4th leg, and took it out of the box, and the actual stand was missing too.  WTH?!  So I tore through the boxes I had already went through again and still couldn't find either thing.  I gave up.  I told D that we'll just have to get a new tree (darn!) unless we can find a stand someplace.  So it looks like the tree will have to wait until next week to go up.

After work today, D and I are headed to my {small} hometown to see my family.  My Grandma needs me to come help her put up wallpaper in her kitchen Saturday morning.  It will be nice to see her and spend time with her.  If we get done early enough, Ashley and I are talking about doing some Christmas shopping.  D is going deer hunting out on my dad's land; word has it there is a giant out on my dad's land that my dad, brother, and Grandpa have all seen (its been there since last year).  Deer season opened here Dec 1st and he's itching to get his trophy deer!  So off we go on another adventurous weekend, though its really not that far away!! :)  And I'm hoping to snap some pictures of our weekend to share next week!