Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wahoo {and 7 random things about me!}

So I've received 2 awards and I thought I should do a little shout out to those 2 fun ladies!!  Erin over at Making Memories gave me my very first award awhile back, but I never did anything with it (I wasn't sure what to do!).  So THANK YOU Erin for being an awesome bloggy friend and giving me my very first award!! :)  (Sorry I'm just now doing something with it!)  While D and I were away up in the Mountains this past weekend, my very awesome/funny cousin from Washington gave me my second award!!  Alicia, all of your posts make me laugh until I pee my pants...well not literally, but pretty darn close!!  We have gotten into lots of trouble together over the years when she comes back to visit...it's just what we do!! :) And again, THANK YOU!

Ok so I guess this is where I get to tell you 7 random things about me (and I'm going to go ahead and clarify this for all of you, I'm NOT very good at this type of stuff!).

#1 I'm not a very good skier.  Yep, we were just up in the mountains skiing and I proved to myself that I'm not a very good skier.  Matter of fact, there was a few (ok more than just a few) times that I was scared out of my mind to go down the mountain, and it was really frustrating.  Especially when you see all of those little 5-6 year olds flying down with no poles without a worry in the world.  Here I am 24 years old and could barely bring myself to go down alone.

#2 I don't like to sleep alone in our bed.  I sleep the best when D is laying next to me.  If I go to bed earlier than him, I don't fall asleep until after he's in bed snoring.  It doesn't matter how tired I am, I just can't do it.

#3 I secretly would love to open up my own bakery shop!  I would also want to sell coffee and fun home decor and gifts in my bakery shop.  Our small town needs something like this, however someone is getting ready to put in a coffee shop that will also have lunch.  I just want to have a bakery and maybeeee coffee, that has fun gifts!

#4 I love to cook and bake!  D  calls me "BETTY CROCKER ON CRACK", because I'm always cooking or baking something.  I love to try random recipes that I find in cookbooks and throughout blog land.  The ones with pictures are wayy better than the ones without...just make the food sound that much better!  That also kind of goes along with me secretly wanting to have my own bakery!

#5a I dislike the following foods: Seafood (yes, anything that swims or resides in the water), Salads (yeah like lettuce, spinach, etc), Oranges (though I like Mimosas and Screwdrivers!), Tomatoes (however I'm in love with salsa, ketchup, and rotel though...weird I know!), Sauerkraut (I'm German and I can't stand it...if I have to eat it there better be an abundance of mashed tators near), and a really long list of veggies and other fruits.  In all reality I'm totally a meat and potatoes kind of gal!
#5b I love the following foods: Beef, Chicken, Potatoes, Zucchini, Jalapenos, Sweet Red Bell Peppers (Orange and Yellow are yummy too), Green Beans, Spaghetti, Pizza, Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Pancakes...I like a lot of unhealthy foods! 

#6 I'm the only granddaughter on my dad's side of the family.  I grew up with 2 brothers and 9 boy cousins.  Growing up I was a tomboy, but not so much anymore.  I still like to do "tomboyish" things, but I'm more of a girly girl!  They taught me all sorts of stuff and would always try and get me into trouble...however, it would usually backfire on them, because I was the  only granddaughter and the baby!! 

#7 I love to travel.  I've been to a lot of states in the US (Off the top of my head: CO, OK, TX, NE, SD, ND, WA, WY, MT, AZ, CT, FL, GA, IA, MO, NM, TN, and allover KS).  I've also been to Europe (Germany, Poland, Austria, and Czech Republic).  I'd say my favorite place in Europe was Krakov, Poland!  The people were super nice, everything was cheap, beautiful country, and had some of the best pizza I've ever eaten there (random, I know!).  I would love to go back to Europe!!

Ok so there you have it...there are some random facts about me!

Now it's my turn to give out some awards...I'm going to do 2 since I never did anything with my first award until now!!

First award goes to...MICHELLE over at CRAFTS AND CRAP!!  I stumbled upon her blog awhile back and I fell in love!!  She has yummy recipes that she posts, and she does a lot of fun crafts with her Cricut.  Not too mention she is a Kansas girl!! :)  Go check her blog out!!

Second award goes to...HALEY over at AT HOME WITH HALEY!!  Haley is always making something very yummy and blogging about it!  She also hosts a weekly linky party called "Recipes I Can't Wait to Try".  Be sure to go check out her blog!!

Michelle and Haley, it's your turn!!  Grab your award above and pass it on if you'd like!! :)