Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend Randoms and Snow!

A little late, but here is some weekend randoms...

My mom came to visit D and I for the weekend!  It was her birthday Monday, but we celebrated it all weekend long!  Friday we had supper at our place with D's parents, and gave her this awesome Faith Family Friends Decorative Tile that I made, and made her a GIANT Cupcake.  She loved everything!!  Then we went out with some friends and had some fun out on the town!  Saturday we went to a Bridal Fair and got some fun ideas!!  We tried some cake, tried some catered food, and even got to get our picture taken in a photo booth (props and all)!  My mom was able to meet up with one of her long lost besties that she hasn't seen in years.  It was really nice to see her again.  Saturday night we came back and went to a Ladies Fair thing, had bottomless Margarita's for $5 (yeah I'm serious!), won some prizes, and then we went out again afterwards!

Mom with her GIANT Cupcake!

Some photo booth fun!!

Mom and her long lost bestie!

Me and Mom at the Cozy...apparently we match the walls.

Sunday, Mom headed home and we were pretty lazy most of the day.  I made some Jalapeno Boats (recipe to follow tomorrow) for a Super Bowl Party that we went to Sunday night.  We ate so much food, played Blitz, and watched the game/commercials.  The Dorrito's commercials were my fav (the Pug Attack and the Finger Lick)!!!  Which ones were your fav's?

Before the Super Bowl
 Tuesday morning it started snowing here.  At first it wasn't too bad, and then about 9am it really picked up.  It was the most snow I've seen since last winter when we lived in the big city.  At 5 o'clock when I was ready to go home, I measured the snow on my car...there was 9.5" just on my car.  There was probably 1.5'+ in front of my car.  The wind was blowing pretty good, so the drifts were crazy!  I could barely get into our driveway because they scooped the snow and made a big pile right in front of it.  We even had to scoop out a little area in our backyard for Bernie...he would've gotten lost if he would've walked into those drifts...they were huge! 

During our snow

My poor old car buried!

had to measure it before I cleaned it off!

Bernie on his pathway!