Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is D's birthday and I wanted to give him a little shout-out on my blog!!
This morning we're off on a little get-away and won't be back until Sunday!! We're going to Colorado to stay with D's best friend, going skiing, maybe tour a local brewery, maybe go to an improv show...who knows exactly!  It should be a good time, and it's very much needed!  We haven't been on vacation for almost a year.  Sure we go out of town a lot, but there is always something fun that we have to attend.  This is a "just for fun" trip, nothing is really planned (just the skiing part). 

Here we are jumping waves in South Beach, FL last March!

Though we won't be sitting on the beach, we'll still have a lot of fun!  I haven't been skiing since highschool, and before that I was like 6...should be very entertaining!! I hope to get a lot of awesome pictures to share with all of you!

Hope you have a great weekend!