Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1st Cricut Party - Part 1!

Saturday we went to my cousins house and us girls worked on projects, and the guys played indoor golf (no, not putt-putt) and video games.  Jess was kind enough to whip up some beef and chicken tacos for supper, and we had some awesome fufu drinks and beer.  The fufu drink we had was Smirnoff Blueberry & Lemonade and OMG was it tasty!!!  It tasted like blueberry muffins! :)  We had so much fun we lost track of time, and before you knew it, it was already 2:30am!!  We decided to call it a night shortly thereafter.

My Cricut hard at work!

We were also hard at work while Mr Cricut was going!  LOL!

The guys

On to the projects...I say Part 1, because 2 of the projects I worked on one is a gift for my mom, and the other isn't quite finished.  However, I thought I would share with you what Ashley and Jess worked on Saturday night.  Some cute stuff right here ladies!!!

Jess' loves Coca-Cola!  Her whole kitchen/dining area is decorated with Coca-Cola stuff, it's really cute!  So she decided she wanted to create a wall quote that had to do with Coca-Cola.  Here she is...didn't it turn out great?!  I love it!

Jess hard at work!

Phase 1
Phase 1...Things Go Better With...

Phase 2

and it's finished!!

Turned out GREAT!

Ashley had a great idea and picked up some of the medium sized (not 12x12 or the small coaster size, in between size whatever that is) tiles from Home Depot.  She wanted to do something with "Live, Laugh, Love" on it, and get a wrought iron plate hanger things that you can put multiple plates (in this case tiles) in.  She doesn't have the hanger thing yet, but it will be so cute hanging on her walls when she does!  Here they are!

Ashley hard at work!

Phase 1 of her 1st project

Project 1 all finished and looking cute!
All she needs is the decorative plate rack to hang on her wall!
 Ashley also created a smaller tile for her sister that also says "Live Laugh Love" on it that turned out to be a cute little gift.  And she made her and my brother each a coaster with their first initial on it.  Very cute!!

Project 2 finished!

Project 3 finished (whew, she was busy!)
Very cute coasters!!
Well there you have it!  Stay tuned to see what I made my mom for her birthday!  She's supposed to come out to see us this weekend and celebrate her bday with us (weather pending) and go to a bridal show with me, so hopefully you won't have to wait long!!! 

I want to know some of your tips and secrets when it comes to the Cricut!  Where is the cheapest to get vinyl and cartridges?  What do you all think about the Sure Cuts A Lot program that works with the Cricut versus the Cricut Design Studio?  Suggestions please! :)